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What is an Act of Transgression or Blasphemous Act?

“If acts of transgression lead to freedom of thought and freedom from oppression, then I choose the path of the heretic or the transgressors. I follow those before me in an attempt to relieve myself of the mindset of the oppressed and the limited views of those who would condemn me for such acts. Hail to the Father of Liberation!” 

Sometimes a practitioner of Magick or Witchcraft, Sorcerers, Wizards and Magicians find themselves being held back from moving into a new spiritual or Magickal path. They find it difficult to allow themselves to release the old concepts that their former religious affiliations planted in their brain and choose to be open to other spiritual options when they realize what they’ve been doing for years is no longer what they really believe at heart.

Some choose to try and find a way to close the chapter on their past dogmatic religious practices or beliefs in an act that frees them and their automatic way of thinking, whether it’s getting rid of former religious items in their home or simply doing a meditation where they formally renounce the past as “the past”, and choose to not allow these old religious beliefs to control them any longer.

Spirituality can take the place of religious dogma. Other world religions or spiritual paths now have room to develop and the individual is able to make liberated decisions freed from guilt and shame. 

~ Danizeil ~


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